At Extreme Colors, we specialize in Automotive Paint REPAIR, PROTECTION, and ENHANCEMENT. We repair minor cosmetic paint damages such as scratches, chips, and scuffs using techniques that preserve your factory paint finish, while removing or improving imperfections. We are plastic bumper repair experts and all of our bumper repairs are completed in 1 day.  We protect automotive paint by installing paint protection film (clear bra) to high-impact areas on your car that are vulnerable to rock chips, bug acid, and damaging road debris. We protect the rest of your vehicle with a high-end, synthetic polymer paint sealant, that will keep your clearcoat looking new. We enhance paint with our 7-step paint rejuvenation process that will make your car or truck look like it just rolled off the showroom floor. Come by or call us today, and let us help you to drive a practically new car every day!

Drive A Practically New Car Everyday