Why Our Exterior Detail is Better Than Average Detailing Shops’ Detail

Store Front Audi, Porsche


White M3 EnhancementIf you’re just looking for a wash & wax, then you can go to just about any detail shop in Greenville and get that service. Because when it comes to exterior detailing these days, most shops will only wash your car’s exterior, then apply a cheap wax over the paint with an orbital waxer. And that’s okay for the person who’s just looking for quick, short-term shine. But for those of you who love your car or truck, and are looking for an extremely high-end, meticulous, 7-step process, then enter Extreme Colors. We are exterior paint renewal and rejuvenation experts and specialize in making your paint have a true, show-car finish.


We are also paint protection experts so once we get your paint looking awesome then 20140513-091300.jpgwe’ll make sure it stays that way because our 7-step Total Enhancement & Protection Package (TEPP) includes a protect-ant sealant treatment. We have two high-end sealants (Menzerna & XPEL) that we use for paint protection and both will usually last 6-8 months, with normal day-to-day driving and environmental exposure. The protection will last longer for cars and trucks that are garage kept, usually 8-12 months.




If you’d like to know more about our exterior detailing process that makes up our Total Enhancement & Protection Package and why it’s “better than a detail”, then click this link:

Total Enhancement & Protection Package



We are located on the less-busy end of Woodruff Road at the 700 block, just down from Beck Academy.

Or call us for more information at

Main  1 (864) 283-0633

Toll Free 1 (800) 985-1778


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Video Demonstrations of Paint Protection Film (clear bra) Installations

For those of you who might be curious about the paint protection film install process, we’re presenting some videos of actual full hood clear bra installs. They were installed by our Lead Installer, Doug Payne, with the help of his Assistant Install Tech, Blake Payne.

We used Xpel Ultimate Paint Protection Film for each of these installs, and these installs were performed on new BMW’s that we protected for the BMW Performance Center in Greer, SC.

Thanks for watching!


This video is a full hood installation onto a BMW Performance Center logistics vehicle, which is a ’15 BMW X5.


This video is a full hood installation onto a BMW Performance Center track vehicle, which is a ’15 BMW M3.


This video is a full hood installation onto a BMW Performance Center track vehicle, which is a ’15 BMW M4. We shot this video during a live demonstration at the 2014 Euro Auto Festival held at the BMW Zentrum.

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New Car Paint Protection by Extreme Colors of Greenville

Store Front Audi, PorscheThis short article will explain why your new car paint needs enhancement, an explanation of our 5-step Total Enhancement & Protection Package for new cars and pricing, the difference between the paint protection we offer vs. what new car dealerships offer, and an introduction to paint protection film (clear bra) pricing and benefits.


Enhancement of New Vehicle Paint

To begin with, you may be asking yourself, “why do I need to enhance the paint on my brand new vehicle?” The truth is, when you purchase your new vehicle, the paint is definitely “new”, but it hasn’t yet been “enhanced”.  All new paint, rather it be from a manufacturer, or a repaint from a body shop, is just new paint, without having been polished and enhanced. Here at Extreme Colors, we specialize in taking mediocre to good paint and making it look its’ absolute best. We utilize polish techniques, using a high speed polisher and high-end finish chemicals, to enrich your paint to a show car, deep and wet look. Most of the time, when you purchase a new vehicle, it has already been ran through a mechanical car wash numerous times, has water spots on the paint, micro-scratches, as well as having other contaminants from trees and birds. You’d be surprised as to how poor the condition of many new car’s painted surfaces are upon arrival to our shop.



The 4-step Total Enhancement & Protection Package Process for New Cars

White M3 EnhancementHere’s the details explaining our 4-step Total Enhancement & Protection Package process. We always start with a hand wash with a microfiber mitt, to ensure we start with a very clean surface. We also use a grit guard in our cleaning buckets to ensure that grit that comes off your car will not end up back on your car in the form of scratches.  Next, we do a clay bar treatment, which will rid the painted surfaces of most contaminants. Then, we use a high speed polisher, with a 3M foam waffle pad, to remove micro-scratches and smooth the clear coat and give it the smoothest, shiniest surface. The waffle pad is guaranteed to not produce any swirl marks, as opposed to conventional wool buffing pads, which will leave those nasty swirl marks that you see when an inexperienced detailer uses one on a dark colored vehicle.  Next, we machine-apply Liquid Gold wax, to give it a deep and wet look. Paint actually has pores, and when you apply wax, it goes deep into the paint. Adding wax to paint is like adding lotion to dry skin. Wax also provides a minimum amount of protection against paint defects, and the main benefits of wax usually only last about 6 to 8 weeks. That’s why we add a higher level of protection with Menzerna Power Lock sealant. This sealant is a synthetic polymer that forms a barrier of protection between your waxed paint and the negative effects of environmental contamination. Sealants “seal” in all the previous enhancements that we do to your car or truck and generally last up to a year, although we recommend a re-seal every 6 months.  So wax is like putting lotion on dry skin, and sealant is like adding a latex glove over the lotion-covered hand. It holds in the wax and prolongs its’ benefit, while adding a synthetic bond of protection.


Extreme Colors Paint Protection vs. Paint Protection Sold at New Car Dealerships

Range Rover Black TeppIf you’ve bought a new vehicle in the last 5 or 6 years then when you entered the finance office you were presented with the offer to purchase a paint protection package (among other aftermarket products) by the finance manager. The offer usually comes with a claim that the $799.00-$999.00 paint protection (which is just a wax application) will protect your automobile’s paint from bird droppings, insect damage, acid rain, fading, oxidation, salt air, and the list goes on and on. Most of these paint protection plans come with interior protection, and a warranty.  They also usually come with a reapplication kit that you should apply in a year. I can honestly tell you, from my experience working with dealerships, that these waxes are not able to do nowhere near what they claim they are able to do. And maybe you think because they come with a warranty  they must be the “real deal”. The truth about warranties is that the majority of the people who buy products with warranties, like this, never come back to have their warranty honored at the time that they have a problem with the product. And the one’s who do, here locally, usually get sent to us to have the problem resolved, since we’re paint repairers as well. Nowadays, new car dealers often-times make very little money on the actual sale of a new car so they make it up on “back-end” products such as these paint protection packages. At Extreme Colors, we are able to offer true paint enhancement and true paint protection, and at a fraction of the cost. Our Total Enhancement & Protection Packages are $299.00 for cars and $349.00 for trucks, mini-vans, and SUV’s. Our guarantee to you is that we will get your new car or truck’s paint in show car quality condition, then apply the absolute very best wax and sealant on the market today. And our sealant will protect your car’s paint from MOST of the potential environmental damages. But our guarantee is that for up to one (1) year from the initial TEPP, we will correct any paint blemish that makes it through our synthetic polymer sealant. We’ll use our wet sand and airbrush technique to improve or eliminate the blemish. We will not do any repaints to any body panel, in order to preserve your factory finish. And we also have a bi-annual maintenance plan to always keep your new car looking practically new for many, many years to come.


Paint Protection Film

Gray M3 Full Hood PPFIn addition to our Total Enhancement & Protection Package, we are also certified installers of 3M and Xpel Paint Protection Films. Paint protection film is a virtually invisible urethane film that protects your vehicle’s paint from unsightly damage and maximizes re-sale value. This film is usually installed on high-impact areas of your car such as the hood, fenders, front bumper, mirrors, and headlights. Our films are optically clear with zero orange peel finish. They are stain and discoloration resistant so bird droppings, air pollution, and road grime will never leave the film stained or yellowed. They will eliminate the chips that come from I-85 rocks and road debris. They have self healing qualities so that the clear coated film heals from swirl marks and other fine scratches. Our Xpel film comes with a 10 year nationwide warranty to protect against yellowing, staining, cracking, blistering, and delaminating. Extreme Colors is the leader in paint protection film installation as we have installed clear bra on literally 1000’s of BMW’s, Mini’s, and most other makes and models. We are also the official paint protection film provider and installer for BMW Manufacturing’s Performance Center. OurLexus IS350 white PPF installer has been installing clear bra since 2006. Our partial hood (18-24″ from leading edge of hood), fender, mirror, & front bumper protection packages (for most vehicles) is priced at $799.00, including Xpel film and installation. Our full hood, full fender, mirror, & front bumper packages are priced at $1499.00, also including Xpel film and installation.



Total Enhancement & Protection Package with Paint Protection Film

FullSizeRender (1)When you combine the Total Enhancement & Protection Package with our Xpel or 3M Paint Protection Films, you will have the maximum benefit of our paint protection services. These are the absolute best solutions to keeping your new car continually looking practically new. We offer a discount when you buy both the TEPP and the Paint Protection Film packages. For most cars, TEPP with partial Xpel Paint Protection Film packages are priced at $999.00.  TEPP’s with full hood and fender Xpel Paint Protection Film packages are priced at $1699.00





New cars are more expensive than ever before. And the new paints, while being more environmentally-friendly, are less durable. Please call us today if you have any further questions about either or both of these services. At Extreme Colors, we will have you driving a practically new car every day!


Toll Free 1(800)985-1778

Local 1(864)283-0633


Email questions to:



Or come by our retail customer service center at:

700 Woodruff Road #6

Greenville, SC 29607

We’re located on the less-busy end of Woodruff Rd about a half mile west of Verdae Blvd.


We have 1000’s of pictures of some of our work on Facebook at:





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Clear Bra Installation Demonstration on BMW Performance Center M4

This is a video we made while demonstrating the installation of paint protection film onto the hood of a ’15 BMW M4 at the 2014 Euro Auto Fest at the BMW Zentrum in Greer, SC.

Extreme Colors is the official clear bra installer for the BMW Performance Center. We also have a customer service location at 700 Woodruff Rd, in Greenville, SC. If you live in Asheville or Charlotte, NC, or Columbia, SC, we will make it worth the short drive by giving you the highest quality paint protection install and materials, and you will be treated with first class attention. We have a courtesy shuttle service available, so we can take you to the Haywood Mall, Cabela’s, or any other place you’d like to go, while your awesome car is being protected. We also have a close relationship with Toyota of Greenville for car daily car rentals, and they will have a beautiful Toyota delivered to our shop for you and rates are about $30.00 a day.

We have installed clear bra on literally thousands of BMW’s and Mini Cooper’s. We also have extensive experience with Audi, Lexus, Mercedes, Honda, Toyota, Acura, Infiniti, Subaru, and most every other make and model. We have also installed clear bra on countless Corvette’s.

Our top premium film is Xpel Ultimate. It comes with a 10 year, nationwide warranty. It self-heals, and is among the clearest films on the market. Our installer is factory trained and certified, and is authorized by Xpel and 3M for film clear bra sales and installations. He has been installing clear bra since 2006, and we are the go-to paint protection installer for most of the auto dealerships in the Upstate. The owner of Extreme Colors is also the lead clear bra installer, and is the lead installer on EVERY install that gets completed at our shop. He also oversees the daily operations and quality at our Woodruff Road location. Our staff has keen eyes for detail, and we always satisfy even our most assiduous customers.

We also have solutions to protect the rest of your car with our TEPP (Total Enhancement & Protection Package) service, which utilizes machine polish, high-end wax application, and synthetic polymer sealant treatment. We don’t just know automotive paint, we do automotive paint. There’s no one better qualified to enhance and protect you new(er) car or truck.

Please call us today for more information about pricing and let us help you to drive a practically new car everyday!

Toll Free 1(800) 985-1778

Local 1(864) 283-0633

Email: Doug@ExtremeColorsGreenville.com

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We Make Your Paint Look New with Our Total Enhancement & Protection Process

At Extreme Colors, we are the Upstate20131110-194302.jpg automotive paint experts. We specialize in exterior paint rejuvenation and protection. Most detail shops will only wash and wax your paint, but we do an extensive, multi-step  process to rid your paint of years of contamination, micro-scratching, and oxidation to restore your paint to like-new condition.

First, we begin with a hand wash treatment using a microfiber mitt and warm water. We use locally manufactured Socar Soap that is clearcoat safe and is extremely effective in getting the surface of your vehicle clean. We use a “grit guard” in our wash containers so that the grit and grime from your car is settled in the bottom of the container, and not caught in our mitts so as to cause further micro-scratching.


Depending on the condition of your paint, we do the following steps:

20140513-091552.jpg1. Clay Bar Treatment. A clay bar with lubrication is used to remove topical contaminants from the paint surface. Topical contaminants can range from paint overspray to tree sap. This way, prior to polishing, we start with a contaminant-free surface. Estimated time is 1 to 3 hours.



20140513-091412.jpg2. Wet Sand. We then do a double wet sand on any areas that have deep scratches and/or contaminants that would not go away with  the clay bar treatment. We first wet sand using Unigrit 1500 sandpaper. We then go back over those areas with 3M 3000 grit sandpaper. We then buff those areas using a 3M Superbuff III Wool Buffing Pad coupled with Meguiar’s Diamond Cut Compound. This will eliminate and/or minimize deeper scratches. Estimated Time is 1 hour.


20140513-091651.jpg3. Wool Buff. We then buff those wet sanded areas using a 3M Superbuff III Wool Buffing Pad coupled with Meguiar’s Diamond Cut Compound. This will eliminate and/or minimize deeper scratches. Estimated Time is 1 to 2 hours.




20140513-091725.jpg4. Waffle Polish. Next, we polish the entire vehicle using a 3M Foam Waffle Pad coupled with Meguiar’s Machine Glaze #3. The polishing will bring back the paint to like-new or better-than-new condition. It will also eliminate any micro-swirls in the paint. At this point, the paint has a ridiculously high gloss finish. Estimated Time is 2 to 3 hours.



5. Wax Application. Then, we machine-wax the paint with a liquid Zymol Wax. This is what gives the paint an even “deeper” look. Most wax treatments alone will last 6 to 8 weeks, despite what wax manufacturers advertise. If your vehicle is garage-kept, then it will probably last a couple of weeks longer. Estimated Time is 1 to 1.50 hours.


20140513-091819.jpg6. Sealant Application. Next, we machine-apply a coating of Menzerna Power Lock Sealant. This sealant is a German-made synthetic polymer that is applied in order to protect all of the previous steps that have been done to the paint. The Menzerna Power Lock Sealant will generally last about 6 to 8 months. There are many great, high-end sealants on the market, but we believe Menzerna Power Lock is one of the best. Trust me, we’ve just about tried them all. Estimated Time 1 to 1.50 hours.


20140513-091616.jpg7. Touch Up. Finally, we computer mix factory-matched paint and apply it to any deeper scratches and chips. Depending on the areas we are coloring, we use either a fine 10/0 brush or a professional Paashe Airbrush. This step hides all of the remainder paint imperfections.  Estimated Time is 1 to 2 hours.


In addition, we have a rotation system for all of our microfiber towels, buffing pads, and applicator pads in order to insure that only clean cloths are touching your vehicle. We also mask all trim moldings, door handles, emblems, and convertible tops to make sure we protect those areas while buffing and polishing.

So you can see, this is an extremely time consuming process. It requires lots of expert knowledge and patience. There is an extremely large difference in getting an exterior detail from a detail shop, versus having a full paint correction done by us. So if you love your car, and want it to look its very best, come by and let us give you an estimate for full paint correction. Pricing for this service starts out at $299.00




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Extreme Colors of Greenville Customer Reviews

20131228-125409.jpgDespite the fact that we ran a pretty extensive advertising campaign this past summer, the bulk of our new customers still come from referrals from our existing customers. I know when I’m looking to make a purchase, I almost always research the customer reviews about the product. This research has always saved me time, money, and heartache as one can get a pretty good idea, about a product, from others who have already tried the product. People trust the opinion and experience of other people.

I’ve  been in the auto paint repair and enhancement business since June 1995. Up until April 2013 (when we opened our first retail location), about 90% of our business has been performed for franchise auto dealerships. So even though we’ve serviced hundreds of thousands of cars, we haven’t dealt with hundreds of thousands of individual customers. Therefore, most of the reviews we’ve received, have been written in the last 9 months.

We haven’t asked our customers to write reviews, but many of them have. Many of our customers have voluntarily written about their experience with Extreme Colors. And they’ve written to us and about us through many different avenues; most on Facebook, some via email, and some on Google.

So I’ve compiled many of the customer testimonials that I have received, for our different types of offered services, right here. So you can trust that the exact type of service you will read about here, is the exact same service you will receive from us if you give us a chance to serve you. We did NOT leave any negative reviews or comments out of this post, because we haven’t received any. Not one.


Greg Peebles

“Extreme Colors of Greenville is much more affordable than a body shop for minor cosmetic damage. This happened while my car was parked in the parking lot at work. Their estimate was less than half of what a body shop quoted me, it included a more detailed repair, and they definitely exceeded my expectations! Thanks guys!”

Posted on Facebook 04/12/13


Bud Stoner

“We bought this 2009 SL with 12000 miles for my wife from a Penske MB dealer in Phoenix which it had some very detailed paint issues that needed correcting. After seeing Extreme’s newspaper ad I visited the shop to see their facilities and meet their people and was very impressed with everything. As I had shown Porsches in concurs events for over 20 years, I had been searching for someone who was truly professional and could satisfy my perfectionist tendencies on paint work. I picked the car up yesterday and was blown away with the quality of what they did and their very, very reasonable pricing. Doug and his entire staff are wonderful, highly professional, and well trained folks who have been with him for years. Also, their facilities are first class which is very important in high quality paint repair. I would highly recommend Extreme Colors to anyone who is searching for factory quality work and stand ready to talk with anyone who wants discuss my above statements.”

Posted on Facebook 07/17/13


20131228-112543.jpgRichard Feingold

“Extreme has worked on 3 of my cars over the years and has always treated my wife and I wonderfully. They are very good at matching colors and you can’t tell where they repaired. On my newest car an Audi RS5 cabriolet Doug installed the 3M Paint Protection Film and it is awesome. Doug also did the pin striping and that is outstanding. Everyone at Extreme Colors makes magic happen in such a professional way, we’re happy to have you in Greenville. EXTREME COLORS IN GREENVILLE, SC. I recommend them if you want your car to look it’s best!”

Posted on Facebook Reviews with 5 Stars


20131228-120307.jpgDwayne Mosley 

President of the BMW Car Club of America- Sandlapper


“…Doug has an established, vibrant business providing many items that our members could be interested in. He has provided clear bra covers and painted several auto parts for me through the years when he was located at Century BMW. He has always done outstanding work on my cars. I’ve recommended him many times to others and have always had very positive feedback. I’ve never had any complaints or concerns, period. He now has his own shop on Woodruff Road and wants to expand his reach…”

Recommendation via email  May 28, 2013

 John Budinich yellow bmw bumperJohn Budinich

BMW Car Club of America Sandlapper Secretary, Porsche Club of America- Carolina’s Region Upstate Area Director, Euro Auto Festival Chairman, Cars & Coffee-Greenville Organizer.

“Yesterday the yellow bimmer got a nose job. Thanks to Doug and the crew at Extreme Colors for the great work on refinishing the bumper cover to eliminate all the road rash. Took out the chips on the fenders and hood as well. Looks better than new.”

Posted on Facebook 02/11/14

20131228-123305.jpgLori Powers

“I have a bad habit of injuring my bumpers. The guys have taken care of my bumpers a few times at a great price. I always feel like I’m being well taken care of and not taken advantage of since I’m female.”

Posted on Facebook Reviews with 5 Stars


Priscilla Hagins

“I want to thank you Doug for a job well done! You did my stripes and dots are just awesome! I thank my daughters and son-in-law’s for a great birthday gift! Some say, “a mid-life crises!” I say, Do what pleases you and not to worry what others think.” Come on mini’s and support Extreme Colors!!!!!”

Posted on Facebook 04/26/13


Lynne Ellis

“This is my vehicle and I was shocked when I picked it up by how great it looked! Everyone was so friendly and I will definitely take my other vehicle there that needs bumper work. I had gotten an estimate at another place and the price difference was huge. There quote was 3/4 less than the quote I got else where. I highly recommend Extreme Colors!!!”

Posted on Facebook 05/11/2013


20131228-133114.jpgJonathan Pait

“You don’t need a fancy car to get great work done at Extreme Colors of Greenville. Took care of a number of scratches from years of parking in the driveway with kids and bicycles.”

Note: This is one of my favorite reviews because the customer, Mr. Pait, must have seen from some of our Facebook posts that we back some of our featured cars up angled, in front of our building and signage. He backed his Honda Fit up, himself, snapped the pic, then posted the above picture and description, on our Facebook page. I was really impressed and appreciative of his outstanding effort to get the point across, on behalf of Extreme Colors, that we work on all types of cars and trucks.

Posted on Facebook 10/22/2013


20131228-135504.jpgSuz Macey

“I want to thank Doug at Extreme Colors for the beautiful Union Jack roof graphic he installed on my Mini. I love it!”

Posted on Facebook




20131228-142842.jpgMichelle Masters

“Thanks to Doug Payne for protecting my new ride. She looks awesome and should now look great for years to come…thanks! Great job!! I love it!!”

Posted on Facebook 11/06/2013



20131228-144202.jpg Roopa Raman

“You did a fantastic job on our car! You are a pleasure to work with.”

Posted on Facebook 09/03/2013


And here’s what a few of our other customers had to say about us…


“Doug, you guys are the best! Period” – Alex Arce, Century BMW


“These guys are top notch professionals in all they do. All the work I’ve seen come from there is as perfect as any OCD customer could ever want.” -Greg Rankin, 3M Paint Protection Film & Window Film Trainer

“I wish I took the “before” picture of the paint swap and huge dent left by the person who slammed my driver’s side door at the divisional swim meet so you could see the great “after” work taken care of by Doug Payne and his team at Extreme Colors of Greenville. I’m as good as new in just a few hours. If your car has any cosmetic scratches, chips, dents, or needs bumper work, give Extreme Colors a call for a free estimate. If your needs fit their services, you can get them taken care of in one day at a fraction of traditional body shop prices. Extreme Colors really is the Upstate’s body shop alternative.” -Taft Matney, Mauldin City Councilman


“We are fortunate to have Extreme Colors in Greenville. Doug and his team do a great job.” -John Messer



“Thank you for taking care of my mother in laws vehicle. Professional as always.” -David Pierce, former Century BMW Service Advisor


“Big thanks to Extreme Colors of Greenville for some touch up paint work on my Mini. They did a great job. Service was top notch.” -Will Parker, Century BMW


“Thank you for your help with the bumper for my SUV!! Top notch service. I was very impressed.” -Omar Urbina


“Looks fantastic, a job well done. I am still enjoying my ladybug mini cooper JCW. It makes me smile every time I look at it! Thanks for the suggestions.” - Kathleen Hopkins




“That is my new Mini – Lennie!! You guys did a great job!” -April Ortiz


“Awesome job!” -Michael Helms


“Great work Doug!” -William Abbott


“This will be the first place I go to for any paint repair or other paint protection. Top notch!” -Jerry Hicks



“You guys do great work and a fantastic job on my Infiniti two years ago. I’ll definitely be bringing my new car to get the bra installed!” -Matt Phillips

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Why Extreme Colors is the Best Choice for Clear Bra

20131110-185755.jpgYou love your new car. You want to protect it, to keep it looking new in the years to come. You’ve decided that the best way to protect it is to have paint protection film installed on the impact areas of your car, to protect against rocks, bugs, and road debris. So, now the question is, who do you get to take care of this for you? Who can you trust to do a great job? Who can you leave your new car with and know that it’s in good hands? Well, look no further, Extreme Colors has you covered!

If you’re from Columbia SC, Charlotte or Asheville NC, or Atlanta GA, we’ll make it worth the drive to Greenville SC, to have your car protected by the Upstate experts in automotive paint repair, protection, and enhancement. And the following is a list of the top 5 reasons that make us the better choice for clear bra installation…


1. We Are Automotive Paint Experts

We do paint. We know paint. We’ve been doing paint repair and enhancement since 1995. We’ve been installing paint protection film since 2006.  We know how to prep your paint properly, prior to the clear bra install. Already picked up a rock chip? No need to worry, we have an advanced paint mixing system and we can mix any factory color to an exact factory match. We can professionally apply the paint so that the chip will not be visible. The old saying is true “You can’t beat a man at his own game”.  And automotive paint is our game!

Want to have the rest of your car protected with a high-end paint sealant, just like the new car dealerships use? We can take care of that, as well, while your car’s here. And for a fraction of the price you would pay at the new car dealer.



Master Installer, Doug Payne, installing XPEL Ultimate Paint Protection Film on the hood of a ’14 Nissan 370Z.

2. We Have a Ridiculously Good Clear Bra Installer

He’s been in the automotive paint business since 1995. He’s been  installing paint protection film since 2006. He has been through 3M’s rigorous installation training and was certified by 3M in 2006. He has installed clear bra on over 1200 Mini Coopers and BMW’s. He has installed clear bra on literally thousands of other makes and models. He’s pickier than our pickiest customer. Proper and skillful  installation is the key factor in having a quality, long-lasting, paint protection film product, so this factor cannot be overlooked.2013-05-27 17.51.04

Our installer is also a trainer, adviser, and consultant to BMW Manufacturing for proper paint protection film installation and technique.

And we don’t have to worry about another company stealing our installer, because, he also happens to be the owner of Extreme Colors. Yes, our owner is also our installer.




3. We Only Use Premium Films

3M Scotchgard and XPEL Ultimate Films are what we offer. They’re the best films in the industry. That’s it. No economy films installed here, such as Ventureshield, or one of the generic window tint film manufactures.

We’ve been installing 3M Scotchgard Paint Protection Film from the beginning and have had outstanding results. It’s durable and comes with a 5 year warranty that covers against peeling, cracking, yellowing, or dulling.

After many months of testing, we’ve  just recently introduced XPEL Ultimate Paint Protection Film as our top-tier film option. It is the clearest, best looking film in the industry, and comes with a 10 year warranty covering against yellowing, staining, cracking, blistering, and delaminating. XPEL Ultimate also has self healing properties.

Xpel Logo

Scotchgard Logo



4. We Use XPEL Designed Patterns

The patterns are also extremely important in producing a high-quality installation. We download the pattern, for each car we do, to a Graphtec cutter/plotter. The plotter die cuts the film, with the help of a laser, to exact specifications.

We only use XPEL patterns. They are the best engineered patterns in the industry. We pay a premium price for their designs, but it’s well worth it. Their patterns fit the best and have the least amount of seams. That means when the clear bra is installed on your car, it will be  installed with the fewest pieces possible, with the least paint exposure possible.


5. We Take Exceptionally Great Care of Our Customers20131202-193223.jpg

We know that we cannot exist without our awesome customers. Our goal, with each and every customer, is to begin a relationship that will last a lifetime. Lifetime customers is our goal. We want to continually help you with all of your automotive paint repair, protection, and enhancement needs. Like most of our customers, we are also car enthusiast. We share that common bond.

We’ll do whatever it takes to make sure you’re treated in such a way, that you know you are genuinely appreciated. If you’re traveling here from out of town, we’ll shuttle you to the Haywood Mall, which is about 3 minutes from our office. Or, you can wait in our customer lounge area and use of our WiFi. We always keep our refrigerator stocked with sodas and water. Or, if you like, we’ll be glad to brew some Starbuck’s Coffee.

These are just 5 of the reasons that make us the clear choice for paint protection film installation. So give us a chance to earn your business. Give us a chance to begin a lifetime business relationship with you. Let us take care of your automotive paint repair, protection, and enhancement needs. We’ll both be glad you did!


2013-02-02 09.57.52


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How to Sell Your Car or Truck for Top Dollar



The Price of Convenience

Lets face it, we pay for convenience. When you go to the “convenience” store and buy some milk, you’re going to pay more. Why? Because it’s easy. And when it comes time to get a new car or truck, it’s somewhat easier to trade it in at the dealership rather than sell it yourself. But we’re not talking about milk here, so the stakes are a lot higher and the price you’re paying for “convenience” is not worth it’s cost.

Sell or Trade?

When it comes time to get a new or newer vehicle, most everyone will face the decision to either trade in their “old” car to the dealership or sell it. Most people choose to trade it in because, lets face it, it’s easier. But the problem with trading it is you lose literally thousands of dollars for that “convenience”. And it’s not as inconvenient to sell your car as you might think. In this guide I will give you some valuable tips that will assist you in selling your car or truck quickly, safely, and for top dollar. My net gain on the last vehicle I sold was $5700.00. Yes, $5700.00! The difference between what I was offered from the dealerships to either trade or sell my vehicle verses what I actually sold it for was $5700.00. That would have been a ton of money to give up for a little “convenience”.

I’ll give you a little background as to how I’ve came to know how to sell a car for top dollar. My dad has been involved with buying and selling cars for as long as I can remember. He would buy cars, fix them up, then sell them for a profit. As a matter of fact, he’s still in the car business to this day as he owns an independent car dealership. That’s partially how I got into the business that I’ve been in now for the past 18 years, which is, improving the appearance of cars by repairing scratches, chips, bumper damages, dents, etc. I’ve been in and around franchise car dealerships improving their cars’ appearances, so I’ve seen the “behind the scenes”. I was also a SC State Trooper, so I’m very knowledgeable with the paperwork that goes along with buying and selling a car, and how to do it as safely as possible.

Getting the Best Price on Your Next Vehicle Purchase

The first fact that is important to know is that you will buy a new or used car from the dealership at the lowest possible price if you buy it “outright”. Outright means buying their car without trading your old one in. It’s a straight sale. So knowing that you will get the best possible purchase price when buying a new car by buying it “outright”, then it should encourage you to sell your car yourself then go to the dealership, without a trade, and get the best price you can get.


Getting the Most By Selling Your Vehicle

Now let me tell you why you will get the most money for your car by selling it yourself instead of trading it in. To be fair to the dealerships, they must give you a wholesale price for your car if they’re going to be able to make a profit when they go to sell your car. Lets face it, car dealerships are in business to make a profit so you really can’t fault them for that! That’s capitalism and is part of what’s made our country the greatest nation on the planet. But also the free market system is what gives you the ability to sell your own car yourself and reap the rewards for it. One fact about selling your car that most people don’t understand is that the person who would be interested in buying your car would rather buy your car from you rather than buy your car from a dealership. The main reason is because you know the car. You know all about it. You can answer, not only questions a potential customer might have, in general about your type of car, but more specifically about your car, the exact one they’re interested in buying! There are some exceptions to this rule, but for the most part, a person would rather deal directly with the owner of a car to purchase rather than with a dealer trying to sell a car that they know very little about.


1. Get Your Car Ready to Sell

So the first thing I recommend is getting your vehicle in tip-top shape prior to selling it. One reason is, most of your potential customers are going to be comparing your vehicle with one’s they see at the dealerships. And what do the dealerships do with their vehicles? They make them look as good as they possibly can! Think about it, when you look at a used car at a franchise dealership, do you think those cars come in from the auction, or are traded in looking that good? Of course not! A lot of dealerships won’t allow prospective buyers to even see their used cars prior to them being reconditioned. They know first impressions are important so they don’t want a potential customer to be scared away by what they see. And dealers know that the amount they spend on making their used cars look like new will not only make their vehicles more valuable, thus netting them more money on the sale, but also make the vehicle sell faster by attracting more potential buyers. Dealers know that when a car is in great condition, cosmetically, then potential customers will assume that it has been taken good care of mechanically. This is one big way we can help you here at Extreme Colors of Greenville. We offer the same reconditioning services to you, that we’ve been providing to the dealerships for the past 18 years! We know how to increase value in your car by showing you where to invest the minimum amount, for cosmetic improvements, in order to yield maximum results at the time of sale. We repair and repaint bumpers, at a fraction of the cost, of a conventional body shop. We fix minor scratches and chips. We provide paint enhancement services such as removing contaminants from painted surfaces, as well as buffing, waxing, & sealing. We also offer paint-less dent removal, wheel repair, interior repair, and headlight restoration. We can make your car look as good as the dealership’s vehicles. You know, the one’s you’ll be competing against.

As you can see in this pic, we got  our Sequoia in pristine condition prior to advertising it for sale.

As you can see in this pic, we got our Sequoia in pristine condition prior to advertising it for sale.


2. Get the Baseline Price for Your Vehicle

Now I’m a numbers guy. When I win at something, I like to know by how much. So the next thing I recommend is to take 30 minutes of your time and go to Carmax, and let them give you a written offer for purchase. That will be your baseline. This is the number that you know that you need to beat to win. Once you have the offer from Carmax, you now have your mission. And your mission is to sell your car for as much as you possibly can, and the amount you get over Carmax’s offer, is the amount by which you win! Now let me use my personal example I listed earlier. My wife and I owned a 2006 Toyota Sequoia with about 92,000 miles on it. It was a limited edition, loaded, and in pretty good condition. I cleaned it up, painted the front bumper, touched up some minor paint issues and dings, buffed and waxed the paint, and made the interior spotless. I took it from looking “pretty good” to looking “totally awesome”! I drove it to our local Carmax, here in Greenville, SC, and had them do a written appraisal and offer on it. After doing their appraisal, they made me an offer of $12,000.00, and told me they would cut me a check for it. I wasn’t shocked, mad, or disheartened. I knew that I could sell it for much more than that myself, but I did like knowing what I would really be getting for it if I traded it in or sold it wholesale. I went around to some of my dealer-manager friends and asked them what they thought it was worth and I got answers from $12,000.00 to $12,500.00 depending on what I would be buying from them when I traded it. So I now knew the real wholesale number on it was $12,000.00

3. Compare Advertised Prices on Similar Vehicles

The next step in this process, is to figure out what price you need to advertise your vehicle for. I recommend spending some time on the internet, searching for vehicles similar to yours, within a 200 mile radius. You can visit sites such as Cars.comAutotrader.com,  Edmunds.com, and also, visit dealership’s websites, such as Carmax, for vehicles similar to yours. Go to Kelley Blue Book’s website and enter your vehicle information to get a “book value”. Take all this information and price your vehicle accordingly. Use common sense when comparing your vehicle to others. Price your car or truck a little lower than the most similar vehicle that is currently listed on the site you plan to list yours on.

4. Advertise Your Car or Truck

This is the ad that I ran on Cars.com for our Sequoia.

This is the ad that I ran on Cars.com for our Sequoia.

Next, I decided to list our Toyota Sequoia on Cars.com. There are many other ways to advertise your car for sale. I chose them because I’ve sold several of our cars by advertising on their site before, and had great results. Cars.com is also affiliated with our local newspaper so when you advertise with them on their website, they have a package that also places your ad in the local newspaper. There are similar sites such as Autotrader.com, that may also be good, I just haven’t had any experience with them. At the time that I ran the Sequoia ad, I paid about $80.00 for the ad. It ran for 30 days on their site and 2 weeks in the newspaper. Cars.com allows you to place lots of pictures and content on their site to promote your vehicle. This stage of the game is extremely important. Take a ridiculous number of pictures and pick the best ones to upload. You want to show every angle of your vehicle from the outside and the inside. Remember that the more information you show and list about your vehicle, the more qualified your potential buyer will be. Your goal isn’t go get 100 people calling and inquiring about your vehicle, it’s to attract the 1 person who is going to buy your car or truck.

Be sure to highlight luxury options such as a DVD Entertainment System.

Be sure to highlight luxury options such as a DVD Entertainment System.


A picture is worth a thousand words, so show the potential buyer how much tread there is on the tires.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so show the potential buyer how much tread there is on the tires.

Since most used vehicles have chipped-up front ends, I wanted to highlight the front of ours in the ad I ran in Cars.com

Since most used vehicles have chipped-up front ends, I wanted to highlight the front of ours in the ad we ran in Cars.com



5. Meeting the Potential Buyer

Let’s talk about security. You have to play it safe. Use common sense when talking with and meeting with potential buyers. I would recommend that you meet a potential buyer in a safe place. Heck, you can even meet them in the parking lot of your local law enforcement center! Or, you can meet them at your home. I’ve read from others, who advise people on selling via the internet, to never meet a potential buyer at your home. For me, I do not consider this anymore dangerous than meeting in a public place. But I’m also a former State Trooper who is usually “packing heat”, so every situation is different. If you’re a single female, I would absolutely not advise meeting a potential buyer at your home. And I would only meet in public, and never alone. Ask one of your big and burly friends to come along for added security.

 6. Negotiating the Price

You’re now at the point to where the potential buyer is about to turn into a buyer. That is, upon agreeing on a selling price. Never negotiate price with someone who isn’t a serious buyer. If someone calls you on the phone and asks about discounting the price, tell them you will not discuss any price discounting at this time. They must first drive the vehicle and decide that they do, in fact, want it. I only negotiate price when someone is ready to purchase. They must have have the funds, or banking assistance, before I will even entertain any price negotiations. And the only way to insure that they are serious is that they are ready to either pay you for your vehicle in cash, or are ready to give a sizable cash deposit to hold the vehicle until they can obtain a cashier’s check. A $300.00 deposit is usually enough to show someone’s serious. And if you did your homework correctly, when figuring out your asking price, you shouldn’t negotiate by much.

7. The Transaction

In South Carolina, if your vehicle doesn’t have a lien against it, and you have the title, then the back of the title can act as the bill of sale. If your vehicle is not “paid off”, then you will need to contact the lien holder and get the “pay off” amount. Most vehicle transactions will involve at least one banking institution. The bank providing the financing, and the bank getting paid off from the seller. Banks are very familiar with transactions of this type, so typically, you will do the actual transaction at the buyer’s bank. If you do not have the title then you will need to get a bill of sale from your local department of motor vehicle office. Be sure to make a copy of the completed bill of sale to keep on file and prove that the vehicle has been sold. If you’re not transferring your vehicle license plate, then you need to turn it in at your local DMV. Make sure to notify your county tax office so that you will no longer be liable for the property taxes on the sold vehicle. They will want a copy of your bill of sale to verify that you no longer own it.


 Is it worth the minimal time it takes to sell your own car? What would you do with an extra $5700.00(+/-)? Please let me know if I can be of assistance. You can make an appointment to come into our Woodruff Road location and get a free evaluation of vehicle.  I can advise you as to what I would recommend improving on your car or truck. I figure that for every dollar spent on cosmetically improving the look of your vehicle, you’ll receive your money back threefold. But not only that, you’ll sell it quicker, and without having to make excuses. So whether you’re selling an Audi, BMW, Honda, Lexus, Mercedes, Nissan, or Toyota, doesn’t matter, we perform recondition services on all makes and models.

Happy Selling!!



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10 Reasons Why Extreme Colors is the Better Choice for Auto Paint Repairs


Extreme Colors, we are the Upstate’s body shop alternative. We are the alternative because we do things different. We don’t just do things different, we do them better. And we do things better because we have figured out, through many years of experience, the reasons why most people do not want to deal with a body shop. We have figured it out and addressed each issue in order to make the process as painless as possible. And here are the 10 reasons that make us the better choice for minor paint repairs.

1. Save Time. We have streamlined the paint repair process from the initial estimate to the final delivery of the finished product. We know your time is valuable so we won’t waste any of it. From 15 minute estimates to 1 day bumper repairs, we do everything quickly and efficiently. Most traditional body shops will keep your car for at least 3 to 4 days for a for a minor paint repair.

2. Save Money. Since we specialize in minor paint repairs, we can fix your paint damage quicker while using less materials. Body shops use more extensive repair processes which means more expensive. Just remember less extensive equals less expensive. Most of our estimates for bumper repairs are priced at 50 to 65% less than traditional body shop estimates. We also save you money from a rental car since we’ll only have your vehicle for a day.

3. We do it Right. We know exactly how to provide you the highest quality repairs and we utilize systems to ensure consistent results. Our team of highly motivated body and paint technicians, lead by a quality control manager with a keen eye for details, ensures consistent, high quality repairs. One thing my team and I have in common is that we are all car enthusiast and we love what we do, so we do it well!

4. All Services Are Guaranteed. Our aim is that every customer leaves happy with the services we provide them. Our hope and our goal is that you will be so happy with the services we provide to you, that you will recommend us to your friends. Despite the fact that we do advertise, most of our business still comes from the referrals of happy customers. We will minimally satisfy but probably exceed your expectations. You have my word on it!

5. No Insurance Involvement. Since we specialize in minor paint repairs, most of our repairs will be less expensive than your insurance deductible. Therefore, no need to worry about your insurance premiums being increased due to a claim.

6. No Trade-In Value Lost. When you go to trade in your car, the used car manager is going to do an appraisal. He or she is going to put a paint meter on the surface of your car to see if it’s been repainted in any areas. Our goal is to keep as much of your factory paint in place by isolating and correcting only the area has been damaged. Also, due to the fact that our repairs are kept to a minimum cost, and since insurance companies are not usually involved, we are not required to nor do we report repairs to Carfax.


7. A First Class Experience. We treat our customers with first class service. You are probably not used to being treated with first class service when it comes to having any kind of auto repairs done. When you walk through our doors, you will notice the difference. From our clean, nicely decorated office and fully stocked kitchen, to our smiling, friendly estimators and staff, you will be treated with respect and shown extreme appreciation. We have created a non-intimidating, no-pressure environment that complements everyone.

8. Your Car Will Be in Good Hands. We treat your car the way we want our cars to be treated. Once, your vehicle arrives for your appointment, we cover your seats and floorboard with a protectant film. Of course, your vehicle is never driven off our property, and only driven from the front to the rear by qualified personnel. We bag each car to ensure that no unwanted overspray gets on your car.

9. No Tricks. The price we quote you is the price you pay. Period. How many times have you went to get a price for a product or service, given what you thought was a great price, only to realize after the service was provided, it wasn’t a great price after all. When you went to pay, and looked at the invoice, there were additional fees that increased the cost exponentially. You were teased with a great price. You left feeling violated, and the business that took advantage of you lost a potential life-long customer. Nobody won.


10. We Love Our Customers. The fact is, we cannot exist without our customers. At Extreme Colors, that’s not just a mission statement on a wall, or an overused cliche, it’s the reality that my team and I know and live everyday. I was taught early on in life to never forget where you came from, where you are, and how you’ve gotten there. I started in this business back in 1995. I began serving used car dealerships out of the back of an old Mazda B2000 pickup truck that had about 180,000 miles on it. My first customers were the used car managers at the dealerships. I was so thankful for them and was extremely blessed by their willingness to give me a chance to serve them which, in turn, allowed me to provide for my family, and grow the business. Many things have changed for us over the years, but one thing hasn’t changed…our appreciation for you, our customer. We do not exist without you. We and our families cannot and will not enjoy the quality of life we live, without you. We will not grow our business and reach more customers, without you. We will not reach our full potential, without you.

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Headlight Restoration: How We Make Headlights Look New

Thinking about having your headlights replaced because they’re so hazy and cloudy that you can barely see when you’re driving at night? Not to mention how unattractive they make your car look in the daytime. Maybe you’ve bought a DIY headlight restoration kit from the local automotive parts store. The picture on the box shows a before and after picture of a headlight that went from looking 50 years old to looking brand new again. So you bought the kit hoping you could make your worn-out headlights look like they did when your car was new. You read the instructions and followed them exactly hoping for dramatic results. It’s quite possible that you did make an improvement only to see them fade back to the way they were prior to when you “restored” them. Maybe you’ve even went as far as pricing a new set of headlights. The price is shocking, seeing how you can’t buy just a new lens cover nowadays as most all headlights must be purchased as a whole assembly. We’ve had customers come to us with luxury vehicles, such as BMW and Lexus, complaining that a new headlight is priced at $700.00 a piece! Even other brands, like Toyota and Honda, are priced in the $300 to $400 range, per headlight. We have an affordable solution for you! We restore old, ugly, hazy headlights by totally resurfacing them. First, we mask off the vehicle to prevent any unwanted dust and overspray from getting on it. Next, we sand the lens with 180 grit sandpaper to totally remove the old, pitted, hazed layer of film. Then, we re-sand with 400, 800, & then 1500 grit sandpaper. At this point, all the old layer is gone along with any deeper sand scratches.



Next, we spray 3 new layers of premium clear coat back over the lens. The results are amazing. This is absolutely the best and only “true” way to restore headlights because we’re not just “covering up” the hazy film but, in fact, are taking all the old film away and replacing the lens’ surface with new clear coat. The results are amazing, long-lasting, and affordable. If you would like a quote on how much it will cost to have your headlights restored, stop by for a free estimate. The price we charge for headlight restoration normally ranges from $149.99 to $199.99 per set.


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