Paint Services

Q. Will I really save money having my vehicle repaired by you instead of a conventional body shop?
A. Absolutely! Our low overhead combined with our less-expensive and less extensive processes allow us to perform paint repairs much cheaper than a conventional body shop.

Q. Will the work really be performed a lot quicker by you than it would be by a body shop?
A. Absolutely! Since we specialize in minor repairs with special processes we are able to perform repairs much, much quicker than a body shop. Most of our repairs are completed the same day as there’re brought in.

Q. Are there any other advantages to having my vehicle’s paint repaired by you versus a body shop?
A. Absolutely. First, the extent of the repair will be much smaller than it would be at a body shop. Body shops will repaint multiple panels(blending for color match) for one simple scratch. The value of your car will be lowered due to the fact that it has been repainted. We work with your factory paint and do the least extensive repair necessary.

Q. Do you fix vehicles that have been involved in moderate to major collisions?
A. No. We fix minor paint damages and imperfections. We repair and/or improve chips caused by road debris, scuffs and scratches caused from parking lot abuse and wear and tear. We also repair and repaint bumpers.

Q. Can you match the factory colors of my vehicle.
A, Yes. We use the best paint on the market combined with computer, web-based technology to match any color to factory specifications.

Q. Will all the damages in my vehicles paint totally disappear?
A. Some repairs will totally disappear, but some damages can only be hidden. We will advise you as to how the repair will look at the time that we do a written estimate.

Q. Do you do all over painting?
A. No. The only actual re-spraying we do is on bumpers.

Q. Will you come to my house and perform paint repairs on my car?
A. No. We have two fixed locations on The Motor Mile in Greenville where we perform the auto paint repairs. Mobile services are provided only for our auto dealership accounts.

Extreme Colors is a mobile paint repair shop.